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Very proud to announce one of the international artists who will be attending our first edition of KINKED and exposing some of his outstanding work in the Fetish Art-Lounge of our factory :
The one and only ÁLEX PÉREZ, awarded as Best International Fetish Photographer in 2015!!!

Álex Pérez is a fetish /alternative photographer born in Sillobre, Spain, and based in The Netherlands who puts all his effort, skills and eye in offering the most shocking and amazing photographic results since 2009. Álex is a lover of true and classic photography, running away from excessive photo manipulation. His work and style are based in showing a very particular concept of beauty, mainly attracted by the beauty of the darkest, the fetish, the abandoned… immortalising people whose beauty lies on their unique attitude and attractive for Deadlywood, his personal world where everything is beautiful.
With images and models whose looks always escape from absolute indifference Álex is a very special and uncommon artist with nothing to do with other photographers, always treating his images with absolute taste and elegance, turning what might look forbidden into beautiful.
Álex has worked with the most important latex designers, but now he is currently focused in joining forces with his sister and latex designer Ausrie Fel in a very ambitious project with the most gorgeous models of every country.


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